We believe that every dog has their own very unique personality and our mission is to empower you, their owner, to help them express their spirit!

Love for All Dogs

Unfortunately, not every dog is lucky enough to have an owner like yourself! A human companion who is willing to spoil them silly, make sure that their bellies are full and their needs are met.
Did you know? Nearly 3.5 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. That's a lot of dogs! And that's exactly why we donate to these wonderful organizations who make it their mission to feed and nurture homeless pets.
Not only will your purchase go towards food, but also will provide the money to have basic medical coverage for pets in need. If you feel inclined, we encourage you to donate directly to these organizations as well!

From the Founders

Created in the summer of 2020, William Wagtail is run from end-to-end by a couple of dog parents under the watchful eyes of their pups, Lily and Stevie. Our vision is to feed and provide medical care for pups across America, one handmade bandana at a time!
Believe it or not, we had zero sewing experience prior to starting William Wagtail, but that didn't stop us from trying to measure, cut, and sew our way to providing top-quality products for dog moms and dog dads like ourselves!
We've had SO much fun learning how to create our own business from scratch, meeting dozens of new dog friends, and flexing our creative spirit through personalized bandana making. 

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and we can't wait to continue to share William Wagtail with you and your furry friends!